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j***    Time: 2019-01-17     From:
Q: I am trying to order but not able to add frame to cart. HOw to do it?
A:Dear just brahmatewari,concerning your case,could you tell us which frame do you choose?Or you can take a screenshot and send it to us for checking.
h***    Time: 2019-01-17     From:
Q: good morning. I would like to no if you can tell me how can I find out if I order my husband glasses on my order form. I look but I only see mind. it was last year. they are brown wood like. he wants to order the same pair . he lost his. Name is john starling same address. thanks...
A:Dear Heather,we have found your two orders via your email address.But we haven't found the glasses which is brown,In addfition, we have sent an email to you and you can check it.
J***    Time: 2019-01-15     From:
Q: When you order the UV Protective coating, does it also include the anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings? I would like all 3 coatings, not just the UV coating. Thanks
A:Dear Jim Darechuk,we would like to tell you that UV protective coating also contains the anti-scratch and glare coating.If you want the 3 coatings,you can choose UV protective coating.
B***    Time: 2019-01-14     From:
Q: I ordered a pair of glasses. My order included cost for photochromic lens (brown). However, the lens are not photochromic. I was charged additional cost for the upgrade. I love the glasses but how do I get this problem resolved? Order # 1812181642590
A:Dear Bilkis,concerning your case, we need to tell you that the photochromic lenses will turn dark when explosed to direct sunlight and it will take a few minutes to make the transition. Please retry to wear the glasses under the direct sunlight to see if the lenses will turn dark or not. Or you may try the freezer test to activate the photochromic lenses. You can just put the glasses into a refrigerator for a while and then, take them in direct to sunlight to try again.
B***    Time: 2019-01-13     From:
Q: Hi, on the main page where the frame Bandon is, it shows a price of $9.95 when it is put into my order section it shows a price of $ 19.95, what's going on!!!! Bernie
A:Dear Bernard Mac Donald,we would like to tell you we have not found your order via your email address and your name. We have to tell you if you want $9.95 item,you should choose a frame at normal price first.In addition,we have sent an email to you and you can have a look at it
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