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S***    Time: 2017-04-29     From:
Q: I didn't receive my bonus points from my first order.
A:Thank you so much for your support us ! Since your order was delivered successfully and you clicked "Confirm Delivery", the same amount of points($51) was sent to your account by system. Please check it. By the way, if you post a photo of our glasses on the website or our Facebook, we are willing to send you a $10 coupon code for new purchase.
H***    Time: 2017-04-28     From:
Q: I forgot to add my 1$ glasses after I placed my order and I want to know how can I add them..I really do need them...please let me know before y'all ship out my order..
A:Thank you so much for your support us ! Once we received your missed calls, we called back and left voice mail for the details. Since this pair have enjoyed the 30% OFF, it can not be added $1 frames on this order as per our rules, Don't worry, you can order it next time because the $1 items will be always on sale on the web. As per your final confirmation, we will process your order soon. Once it is shipped out, we will email you a tracking no, please wait for the update patiently. By the way,since you paid this order via Expresscheckout and didn't log in the website,you can not see the order info. on the account. We have helped add it on your registered account so that you can check it after logging in.
E***    Time: 2017-04-27     From:
Q: When I added my prescription it made me input a prism measurement. I do not have one and it would not save when my selection for prism was "none".
A:Thank you so much for choosing us! Don't worry! Did you tick the Prism box so it always let you enter the Prism value? If so, please remove the tick and go ahead. By the way, Prism is the prismatic power used to correct vision displacement, like double vision. If you do not have prism correction in your prescription, do not include prism values since it will negatively affect your vision. Hope all the info. we offered you is helpful ! Any other questions, please feel free to contact us by mail or utilize our Online-Chat.
p***    Time: 2017-04-27     From:
Q: I managed to order my glasses but as they were my first purchase i was supposed to get 20% off but there wasn't anywhere for me to input a discount code and now i haven't got any discount anything you can do to help?
A:We would like to tell you that we received the payment via your paypal and will process your order soon. Since the lens with your small PD and large frame you ordered need to be customized, it usually needs 7-15 working days to process. Once it is shipped out, we will email you a tracking no, please wait for your order patiently. By the way,since they have enjoyed 30%OFF, it can not be applied the 20% OFF code as per our rules. Also, the former one is more favorable, so you can use the code next time.
p***    Time: 2017-04-27     From:
Q: i want to order a pair of glasses but i keep selecting Pink as the colour and then when i get to the basket it says Golden and i can't stop it from going back and selecting golden what do i do?
A:Thank you so much for choosing us! First, you should choose"Pink" after clicking the image, then click"Select Lens" to the next page so that it will always shows"pink". If you still can not get through, you may leave a note that you want pink one when placing the order. After receiving the payment, we will process your glasses referring to your notes.
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