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E***    Time: 2019-09-19     From:
Q: Hello, i haven't received any email since the day I ordered which was last week on Saturday, 9/13. My email is correct as well, can you fix the problem please, thank you.
A:Dear Ezequiel Galdamez, we would like to tell you that your order is in process now and we have sent an order copy to you, you are advised to check it. Thanks for your cooperation.
K***    Time: 2019-09-19     From:
Q: Hello, my glasses have been in the "manufacturing" status for a lot longer than it has in the past... Just wondering how long it will be until my orders will be shipped? Thanks
A:Dear Kayla, we would like to tell you that the total time for an order includes the porcessing time and shipping time. Normally it will take 7-15 working days to customize your lenses due to your prescription. When the order is finished, it will be shipped out.
M***    Time: 2019-09-18     From:
Q: Awaiting phone call return so that I can expedite my order to you.
A:Dear Marguerite, we have received your offline message too and sent an email to you. You are advised to check it then reply us directly. Thanks for your cooperation.
***    Time: 2019-09-16     From:
Q: I submit a reply via email with my prescription and it still hasnt been processed.
A:Dear Heather Wilson, we would like to tell you that your order is in process now and we have resent the email to you, you are advised to check it.
V***    Time: 2019-09-09     From:
Q: Hello, I was trying to edit my order and apply my 20% first time order discount. how can I do that.
A:Dear Veronica Edwards, concerning your case, could you please tell us which part do you need to change? In addition, the order has enjoyed the sale "SEPB1G1" and no double discounts can be used together.
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