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S***    Time: 2021-04-01     From:
Q: I cannot add my glasses to my cart; it keeps asking for an "ADD VALUE" however, I do not have one & when I try to hover over the dropdown to change, I just got the red stop cursor & couldn't make any changes
A:Dear Sydni Brown, Please choose single vision glasses and do not choose multifocal. If you still have the problem, please contact us.
Y***    Time: 2020-12-27     From:
Q: Just wanted confirmation that you have got my order for two pairs of glasses not one as the invoice is only showing one item but on my orders the two show? Thanks
A:Dear Yasmin Jaber, We would like to tell you that there are two pairs of glasses in this order. We have sent you a copy of order. Please check it. Thank you.
A***    Time: 2020-12-19     From:
Q: I need to cancel my order. I meant to add a coating to the lens.
A:Dear Amy Prentice, We would like to tell you that you choose blue light protect lenses for the order which includes anti-glare and anti-scratch coating. So would you please advise whether you want to go on with the order?
S***    Time: 2020-12-14     From:
Q: Is there anyway to change the size of the frame? I didn’t realize it said large and I need them to be medium?
A:Dear Stephanie Cintron, We have to tell you that the size of the frame can not be changed. Please contact us when you receive the order if the frames are too big. Thank you.
J***    Time: 2020-12-13     From:
Q: it didn’t give me a choice of lens coatings. i want blue light protection, etc
A:Dear JJ, We would like to tell you that we do offer blue light protection lenses for single vision glasses. We have sent you one email to show the details. Please check it. Thank you.
If you have any questions about our products and service, please leave a message. Our customer service members will answer your questions as soon as possible. Before you ask the questions, we suggest you make sure your email address is correct. Our customer service staffs are very happy to answer every question you will ask no matter what kinds of complaints and suggestions you give for we take customers as our gods.