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  • Barbara


    SKU:  B01153

  • I returned my first pair, super smooth exchange, got my second pair and just love them, can’t wait for my third pair which are sunglasses....the price is right when you need rx glasses :)

  • Xelina


    SKU:  B00868

  • I love my glasses!!! This is a totally new style for me, and I am IN LOVE!! Thank you for the great product and stress-free experience!

  • leeann


    SKU:  J00344

  • i love these glasses. i popped a lens out while cleaning so be gentle! otherwise they are wonderful

  • Tyrae


  • Thank you! Love my glasses I’ve gotten so many compliments!

  • Laurey


    SKU:  Adalheid pink

  • These are exactly as shown, and the lens quality is better than glasses that I paid 3 Times as much for. Ordered another pair.

  • Rochelle


    SKU:  J00329

  • I love my glasses they get so many compliments and I feel so fancy

  • Dareion


  • Love my glasses so Unique and stylish great deals



    SKU:  B01087

  • I love my sunny cat eyeglasses! I get a lot of compliments on my glasses and am asked where I got them. I always refer women to glasses These were only $10.00 for the frames. My prescription is spot on!

  • Victoria


    SKU:  B01087

  • This my third pair of glasses from glasseslit. I have yet to be disappointed. I am presently waiting for my fourth and will be soon ordering my fifth pair. Great quality,great price,great fun!

  • Daphne


    SKU:  J00343

  • I’ve ordered from Zenni Optical before, and now I’ve ordered from here and I can honestly say I’m hooked! The prices are a bit better here compared to zenni. I’ve gotten nothing but amazing compliments on these glasses. People ask me where I got them all the time and when I tell them GlassesLit and the prices, they’re shocked. (In a good way lol) Love these frames so much, I’m about to order the other 2 colours as well!

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