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  • Joanna


    SKU:  300007

  • Gibbs Rectangle Eyeglasses: I really like those glasses. I probably have 7-8 pairs from Glasseslit and always happy with my purchases. This model was a little bit too tight for me (never happened before), but it was an easy fix at my local store.

  • Erika


    SKU:  100036

  • Absolutely in love with these frames called “Reagan”, I ordered it with 50% yellow tint and I bought them for my husband as well in no tint. Now I’m ordering him a second pair in yellow tint cause he liked how mines looked. Thank you again!

  • Aleise


  • Love shopping on this website! Very affordable and super cute frames! <3

  • regina


  • These glasses are the best!

  • regina


  • These are my favorite. I get so many compliments.

  • regina


  • Love these frames!

  • Christina


    SKU:  Product SKU B01127

  • lovely pink glasses <3

  • Christina


    SKU:  Product SKU B00273

  • Like this flower Glasses :)

  • Gresmary


  • Love this frame

  • Catherine


  • I love these glasses, they have lasted me over a year and don’t even have a scratch on them!

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