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#Product SKU000392

I love how light they are and. The arms around flexible on these too. Thanks

#Product SKU 000404

This are my favorite glasses ever!! I loved the way they fit me so comfortably and they're well built.


The frames are great and the script is correct. Good job!


These glasses were a little bigger than what i'm used to, but still very very cute. I got a lot of compliments on them!


These were the cheapest glasses in the last batch i purchased but are actually the highest quality. They were the $9 deal and TOTALLY worth it. They're strong and sturdy and don't slide off my nose, which is a constant battle with some of the other glasses that I have gotten.


Love love LOVE these glasses. They look high quality and they vere versatile and matched every outfit.


These glasses lasted me a whole year of laying in them and not taking care of them and I would definitely buy them again. They are flimsy but for the price you cannot beat them. Plus I get compliments on them all the time and they don't look cheap.

#Ashley Wayfarer Eyeglasses with spring hinge

My favourite glasses from Glasseslit which I wear the most. So comfy and the style is very flattering. I bought these in tortoiseshell and black and both look great on and go with everything I wear

Love my new glasses! This is my second pair from glasses lit and definitely will be ordering more!

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