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  • Amber


  • Excuse me snacking but these are my 4th pair of glasses:! Wonderful quality and super adorable.

  • Amber


  • My 3rd pair:) very cute gold metal and black plastic, these glasses are excellent quality and very sturdy and not flimsy

  • Amber


  • This is my second pair, gold metal with floral frame, comfy and beautiful!!

  • Amber


  • I absolutely love these, they hve the wooden look to them!

  • Marisel


    SKU:  Product SKU C00095

  • I am in love with this glasses, just ordered myself a second pair in white.

  • Jennifer


    SKU:  Product SKU C00096

  • I can't tell you how much I love these glasses. The lenses are huge and that's great because I always found myself seeing the frames and I always hated wearing my glasses. I don't have that problem any longer I even ordered a couple more pair. Just in case. Please never get rid of this frame.

  • Angelica


    SKU:  Product SKU000392

  • I love how light they are and. The arms around flexible on these too. Thanks

  • Angelica


    SKU:  Product SKU 000404

  • This are my favorite glasses ever!! I loved the way they fit me so comfortably and they're well built.



    SKU:  SKU:C00098

  • The frames are great and the script is correct. Good job!

  • Kimberly


    SKU:  300002

  • These glasses were a little bigger than what i'm used to, but still very very cute. I got a lot of compliments on them!

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