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Received mine! Really happy with them and I was worried the lens will be heavy and keeps slipping off but they gave anti-slip pads for the nose! And extra nose pad to change for the rubber ones. Really nice of them. Thank you!

Love my new glasses

Just got my new glasseslit glasses today;Love them,less then $9.00 shipped.

Got my new glasses today in the mail -- thank you, glasseslit! I've been looking for affordable wooden frames for ages, but they are difficult to find. I wasn't sure what to expect from your company, but am very happy with them. The quality is heads and shoulders above other online frame retailers that I've tried.

Here are my new glasseslit frames!

new glasses!!! WAHHH???? they're non-prescription aha~ just for fashion purposes yatta~! my package came today~ a free pair of glasses!!!!!WATCH MY UNBOXING/PRODUCT REVIEW HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK_9qxMpPqc

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