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S***    Time: 2020-07-24     From:
Q: Hi, I just ordered a pair of glasses from your website. I have my Paypal receipt but I don't have a confirmation email from GlassesLit. I just want to make sure everything went through ok.
A:Dear Staci Gray, we would like to tell you that we have received your order successfully. We have sent the order copy to your email address and you may check it.
A***    Time: 2020-07-21     From:
Q: Hello. I ordered a pair of glasses, but got an email from you telling me that my zip code was wrong (47000). I already sent you an email giving the right one (470003) but I am not sure if it was the right channel. I'm worried because dont want any delay with the shipping. I wanna some information about it. Thank you.
A:Dear Amparo Echeverri, Thanks for your reply. We have changed the zip code to 470003 according to your confirmation. Besides, your order has been finished and will be shipped out soon.
D***    Time: 2020-07-13     From:
Q: The pair of glasses I ordered came in, however I would like to return them as they look massive on my face. How do I return them?
A:Dear Denise, Would you please advise whether you want to return the glasses for one time 100% store credit of the production cost($18.17)? You can reorder with the store credit on our website. In addition, we have sent an email to you and you may check it.
T***    Time: 2020-07-03     From:
Q: Can I please get a receipt sent to my email for my recent order?
A:Dear Tanya Friesen, we have sent an email to your email address and you may check it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by mail or utilize our Online-Chat.
C***    Time: 2020-06-11     From:
Q: Hi, I just received my glasses- I think my reading is wrong. I would like to return for correct one to be changed. I am visiting my optician tomorrow to get correct one. I will update this on account. Please advise how I can return.
A:Dear Cheryl Mumbi Concerning your case, would you please scan the original prescription as well as the PD(Pupillary Distance) that you received from your doctor, or take photos with Camera or mobile phone, and then email it to us as an attachment for verification?  We will help you check if the prescription in the order form was filled in correctly, then decide what to do next. Besides, we have sent an email to you and you may check it.
If you have any questions about our products and service, please leave a message. Our customer service members will answer your questions as soon as possible. Before you ask the questions, we suggest you make sure your email address is correct. Our customer service staffs are very happy to answer every question you will ask no matter what kinds of complaints and suggestions you give for we take customers as our gods.