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O***    Time: 2019-10-03     From:
Q: Hi. I would like to return what I ordered and make a new order, because I made a mistake. I want the same glasses but I have to make changes.
A:Dear Odette Ortiz, we would like to tell you that we have received your new order#1910032310061. Concerning your case, could you please tell us which part you need to change? In addition, for the previous order#1909140206105, could you please tell us which part is wrong? We have sent an email to you and you are advised to reply us directly.
L***    Time: 2019-10-03     From:
Q: The glasses that I bought do not fit. What is your exchange policy?
A:Dear laurie nuske, we would like to tell you that we do not offer exchange service. Concerning your case, you are advised to return the glasses to our US center, once we receive the return package, we will issue you a one time 100% store credit (excluding shipping price), which is $70.28, you can use the SC to reorder other glasses with correct prescription on our web. Is that OK? We have sent an email to you,you are advised to check it then reply us directly.
K***    Time: 2019-10-02     From:
Q: Hi I just attempted to place an order I was in the process of updating my address information and the screen froze. I tried going back into the order it said it had processed successfully. It has my old address information on it and i don't want to proceed with payment with the address being invalid. I would like to cancel my order if possible of have the address fixed before continuing further. Thank you so much. Katherine Perry
A:Dear Katie, we would like to tell you that we have canceled the unpaid order#1910022246102 for you. In addition, we are offering Autumn Sale--30% OFF for Frames or 30% OFF for Lenses: 1. 30% OFF for the frames. Code: AF30 2. 30% OFF for the lenses. Code: AL30
D***    Time: 2019-10-01     From:
Q: Hello, I bought a pair of glasses through paypal and I have not received an invoice of the payment anywhere showing what I bought.
A:Dear David, we would like to tell you that we did receive the payment and have sent an order copy to you, you are advised to check it. Thanks for your cooperation.
B***    Time: 2019-09-28     From:
Q: Hi, my husband wants to order a pair of glasses with the blue light protection but without any prescription to them (to wear while he has his contacts in)... how would I go about ordering them? When I try to put the order in it says that I can't leave the Rx blank... Thanks
A:Dear Brooke, we would like to tell you that if you need the bluelight protect lenses with non-prescription, you are advised to enter the "plano" for SPH values and then enter "63.0" for the PD value. In addition, you can have a look at the following picture to order the bluelight protect lenses.
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