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N***    Time: 2019-10-21     From:
Q: I would like to know if I can send a glass frame to you guys so that you can do the glass work, even though the frame is not from you guys.
A:Dear Nyleyshka, we are sorry to tell you that we do offer prescription glasses but we don't offer separate lenses. Thanks for your understanding.
L***    Time: 2019-10-21     From:
Q: I need help checking out using my store credit.
A:Dear Lauren Marie Minchew, we have helped you add the store credit to the new order#1910212040349 and the order is in process now. In addition,we have send an email to you about the copy of the order and you are advised to check it. Thanks for your cooperation.
a***    Time: 2019-10-16     From:
Q: I am not happy with the glasses I received how do I get refund on merchandise?
A:Dear amy atwood, concerning your case, you are advised to return the glasses to our US center, once we receive the return package, we will issue you a one time 100% store credit (excluding shipping price)$73.8 or 50% refund (excluding shipping price) $36.9. Please tell us your choice. We have sent an email to you and you are advised to check it then reply us directly. Thanks for your cooperation.
B***    Time: 2019-10-10     From:
Q: Hello! I'd like to offer my services to correct the English and grammar on your website. I've ordered glasses from you before, and will continue to be a grateful customer whether or not you accept! However, your website's wording makes it very clear that it was never edited by a native English speaker. If you're interested, please contact me at your earliest convenience, and we can get started! I love GlassesLit's glasses, and I want to help make sure it's the best and most credible it can be, if you'll let me. Thanks!
A:Dear BreAnna Wittman, thanks for your advice. In addition, if you like the glasses on our web, you are advised to place an order to get them. We are offering $6.99 Flash sale: Link for PC:https://www.glasseslit.com/flashsale Link for mobile:https://m.glasseslit.com/flashsale
S***    Time: 2019-10-08     From:
Q: Re-Order Hi I would like to reorder the same glasses that I order, My reorder is 1907252020442, I would like for my lens to be clear with the photochromic lenses. COOO48 I would like for a light brown transition with the brown frames #100010 I would like a light grey transitions with the gray frames. Will I need to reorder on the page
A:Dear Sharon Crawford, we would like to tell you that we do offer photochromic lenses on our web and you are advised to have a look at the attachment to get them. In addition, if you need new glasses, please feel free to place an order on our web and we are offering Autumn Sale which will be ended within 12 hours--30% OFF for Frames or 30% OFF for Lenses: 1. 30% OFF for the frames. Code: AF30 2. 30% OFF for the lenses. Code: AL30 Besides, we are sorry to tell you that the frame #100010 in this order has been out of stock, you are advised to have a look at the other frames on our web. Thanks for your cooperation.
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