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B***    Time: 2019-09-28     From:
Q: Hi, my husband wants to order a pair of glasses with the blue light protection but without any prescription to them (to wear while he has his contacts in)... how would I go about ordering them? When I try to put the order in it says that I can't leave the Rx blank... Thanks
A:Dear Brooke, we would like to tell you that if you need the bluelight protect lenses with non-prescription, you are advised to enter the "plano" for SPH values and then enter "63.0" for the PD value. In addition, you can have a look at the following picture to order the bluelight protect lenses.
M***    Time: 2019-09-26     From:
Q: Hi, I recently received my glasses, I ordered two pairs and one pair seems as if they are blurry and I am unable to wear them. I would like to return this pair. My Order ID: 1909060632363 and the pair I want to return is the floral Alfreda Round Eyeglasses. Thanks!
A:Dear Mikayla Nicholls, concerning your case, you are advised to send the original prescription as well as PD value for reference? After your reply, we will know what to do next. We have sent an email to you and you are advised to check it then reply us directly.
M***    Time: 2019-09-26     From:
Q: Hello, I bought a pair of glasses from you on June 27, 2019. And was wondering if you have any sort of warranty if they broke. Please let me know as soon as possible.
A:Dear Mariola Descartes Mattei, We would like to tell you that we only provide a 30 days' warranty after you receive the glasses.Thus your order is beyond our warranty. Concerning your case, you are advised to buy a new pair from us. In addition, we are offering Autumn Sale--30% OFF for Frames or 30% OFF for Lenses:1. 30% OFF for the frames. Code: AF30 2. 30% OFF for the lenses. Code: AL30
K***    Time: 2019-09-25     From:
Q: Bonjour, le 2019-08-14 jai commandée une paire de lunettes et puis, les verres n'étaient pas a la bonne vue. J'ai commander aujourdhui le 2019-09-25, la même paire avec une les bonnes données. Pour la paire qui n'est pas bonne que dois-je faire ? merci
A:Cher Kim Bérard Longpré, Nous avons reçu votre nouvelle commande et celle-ci est en cours de traitement. En ce qui concerne votre cas, il vous est conseillé de retourner les lunettes # C00048 à notre centre américain. Dès réception de votre colis, nous vous émettrons un crédit de magasin unique à 100% (hors frais de livraison), soit 21,9 $, vous pouvez utiliser le SC doit commander d’autres lunettes avec la prescription correcte sur notre site Web. Est-ce que ça va? Nous vous avons envoyé un e-mail et il vous est conseillé de le vérifier, puis de nous répondre directement.
K***    Time: 2019-09-25     From:
Q: Have not received my glasses. Order date was 8/23/2019
A:Dear Karissa Butler, we have send an email to you and you are advised to check it then reply us directly.
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